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Enterprise is a serious issue but is it a game? A new ERASMUS+ project funded by EU aims to show it is.

For all businesses that want to grow, innovate, access new markets and be sustainable, entrepreneurial skills are vital for all their employees, not just future entrepreneurs. As well as increasing the number of business start-ups, enterprise skills also drive the success of Europe’s biggest companies.

What are these skills? And how can they be developed?

The ESG project is finding out by asking businesses in five countries. This action research exercise will produce what is called a competence matrix, which identifies and describes a set of skills and organises them in levels of ability. The matrix will help businesses, schools and colleges to develop training programmes and learning materials to meet the increasing demand for intrapreneurship and entrepreneurial attitudes and behaviour.

A game? Yes, an on-line enterprise game that is based on the key skills identified and defined in the competence matrix. Fun to play, the serious game will engage students and develop their international entrepreneurial competences.

The ESG interactive game will be developed and marketed in Austria, Czech Republic, Spain, The Netherlands and the UK. It will be made available free of charge and designed so that players can compete with others in different countries

An on-line game that takes enterprise seriously, so that young people can develop the employment skills they will need in the future.